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It sounds cheesy but I genuinely feel like the

luckiest person to be doing a job that I love. My passion

for cakes was born in my Mums kitchen oh so many years ago, always baking something for our family Sunday tea. The love for baking didn’t disappear but the challenges of time, my own family and an office career took over as often these things do. Skipping a few years to my daughter Phoebe turning 4, at her request, I made my first ‘proper’ fondant covered Cinderella doll cake. I didn’t think it was too bad but I knew I could do better, so I started offering to make cakes for my friends and family to practise. It quickly turned from a little hobby into a total obsession striving for excellence and an undying thirst to learn new techniques and skills.  

They say you have times of reflection in your life, so with my daughter and the passion for this craft in front of me it was time for a new challenge, something I could look back on and be proud of. The very thing I learnt and enjoyed from my early years came full circle and it is time to share that same passion in the cakes I make for others, so you can each share the same happy memories celebrating together with friends and family.


Wendy xx

Not currently taking any orders

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